Board of Directors

John Bild, President

John is a semi-retired attorney who prepared the legal documents for the initiation of the Cat Network for his long-time friend and founder of the Cat Network, Barbara Mena. John is always the calming voice of reason. He always has the interests of the cats foremost in his decisions.


Image result for generic user femaleDeb Crouse Cobb

Deb is on the board of Clowder House, and has been on the board of the Cat Network since the Clowder House teamed up with Cat Network around 2010. She is a lawyer across the river, and her car can drive itself to Clowder House and the Purple Building with hardly any human intervention.

Anita Contreras Ward, Treasurer

Anita has volunteered with the Cat Network since the 1990s and has a fondness for the older cats and the ones with more “spirit”. Anita heads the Cat Network sewing committee, making both the pet beds and the carrier pads. Anita also has horses, a mule, and dogs.


Kristi Hill, Secretary

Kristi is a computer programmer who has worked in higher education for 20+ years. She started volunteering with the Cat Network around 2009; it was her first foray into volunteering with a rescue group. Kristi serves as the secretary and tries to organize the volunteers for the Ellisville Petco habitat and the Purple Building in the city. Kristi doesn’t have any formal animal training, but is willing to go the extra mile with the fosters – even taking care of Opie the asthma cat, who has had to have inhaler treatments. Kristi has cats of her own and has leash trained them; she says that walking her cats gives her an excuse to read or knit while she is outside. She took classes to learn Hebrew in the mid-90’s and still wants to become proficient in Gregg shorthand.

Cheryl Mueller

Although Cheryl met the Cat Network as a dog trainer, she quickly became a mom of three cats. She and her partner, Mark, have welcomed several foster cats/kittens into their home. She also retrieves phone messages from the PURR line and enjoys helping out at special events throughout the year. Currently, she works part time at the golf course, if she’s not working, she’s probably playing. She has recently rediscovered bicycle riding, she loves being outdoors, gardening and cooking.

Erica Scranton

Erica grew up in Quincy, Illinois but has lived in St. Louis for the past 15 years. She has two bachelor’s degrees, one in Marketing and the other in Management Information Systems. Currently she works as a project manager in the healthcare industry, which is the perfect fit as her favorite thing to do is organize! Erica re-organized the shelter and works to keep any clutter at bay. Erica started volunteering for the Cat Network in September 2018 and has fostered numerous cats. Growing up in a pet-free home, she never knew the joys of having a furry companion. But all that changed when she adopted two cats in 2016, and the rest is history! In her free time Erica enjoys reading, exercising, watching bad TV, and volunteering.

Julie Seibert

Julie loves animals, but has no current pets of her own. She has been volunteering with the Cat Network for about 4 years and joined the Board in 2017. Julie enjoys shopping for trivia auction basket items and cat supplies that are a bargain. She has a Master’s degree that she earned Down Under, but is originally from Illinois. She currently work for an accounting firm, and her favorite hangout is either the gym or the South County Costco!


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