St. Louis Area Euthanasia Statistics

As compiled by OP SPOT from statistics filed with the Missouri Department of Agriculture (via Sunshine Law requests under the Freedom of Information Act). Remember that you can’t do a statistical percentage for no-kill rescues because they have existing populations. Animal control facilities and open intake shelters, however, intake and euthanize regularly, so it can be assumed that one can correctly calculate the percentage of animals they took in which were euthanized.

Please click on the tabs on the bottom of each Excel spreadsheet to view all reporting entities. To calculate the percentage of animals euthanized at an open admission facility, take the number of animals euthanized and divide it by the number of admissions.

2021 Euth Stats

2020 Euth Stats

2019 Euth Stats

2018 Euth Stats

2017 Euth Stats

2016 Euth Stats

2015 Euth Stats

2014 Euth Stats

2013 Euth Stats

2012 Euth Stats

2011 Euth Stats

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