Give STL Day - May 2, 2018

Support homeless cats on the biggest giving day of the year.

Save Lives

The cats in our care rely on supporters like you.
Your donations make a big impact.

Bring Home a Friend

We have lots of wonderful cats and kittens waiting for their forever homes.

Can I Crash at Your Place?

Give a homeless pet a temporary place to stay on their journey home.

Lend a Paw

Help with care and cleaning at Petco or the Purple Building.
Happy Tails: Jack, Louie, and Amber

Happy Tails: Jack, Louie, and Amber

2016 was a pretty tough year for our old group of cats. The youngest one died from a tumor, and the two  others, who were both 18, went later in the year (stroke and kidney failure). Just before we knew we were going to have to put Tony to sleep,...
Happy Tails: Muff

Happy Tails: Muff

As an animal lover all my life, with cats being my favorite,  I agree you can’t have just one!  I already had an 8 year old domestic cat and a 2 year old papshund (long haired dachshund and papillon) dog.  I was wanting to add another cat, so here’s how...
Things Sure are Changing Around Here!

Things Sure are Changing Around Here!

New logo, new colors, new e-newsletter, new website… Welcome to our brand new website full of information about our organization, ways you can help, our adoptable cats, and helpful articles and resources for cat owners on feline health and behavior. Please have a look around! You can also subscribe to...