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October 2018

Featured Feline: Miranda  |  Great Prizes Available at Trivia Night on October 12  |  Thank You for Supporting us at Culver’s Night  |  Dine-to-Donate at Texas Roadhouse on November 1  |  Happy Tails: WD Wheeler  |  Can I Adopt a Cat/Keep My Cat if Someone in My Household Has Allergies?

August 2018

Featured Feline: Bitin’ Bennie  |  Trivia Night 2018  |  Cat Network Awarded an $800 Emergency Medical Grant from Petfinder  |  Happy Tails: Fritz  |  How Do I Introduce a New Cat to My Existing Cat?

June 2018

Featured Feline: Paige  |  Give STL Day Raises $1183 (plus a $1000 match)  |  Culver’s Fundraiser Raises $295  |  Happy Tails: Lily and Toby  |  My Cat Seems Fine; Why Should I Take Him to the Vet?

April 2018

Featured Feline: Noodle  |  Culver’s Fundraiser Night  |  Concession Stand Fundraiser Brings in $3300  |  Happy Tails: Jack, Louie, and Amber  |  What Should I Feed My Cat?

February 2018

Things Sure Are Changing Around Here  |  Featured Feline: Sherman  |  Nom Nom Popcorn Fundraiser  |  Happy Tails: Muff  |  FIV+ Cats are Positively Adoptable

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