Happy Tails: Boppity

Boppity was born outside, in my condo complex – along with a total of 11 kittens from two feral moms. We were able to capture all of the kittens and both moms. As the kittens grew, everyone except Boppity was adopted; I was flumoxxed — he’s gorgeous and so sweet! He despised going to the Petco adoption events and was just happy being a homebody. When Boppity was a little over a year old, I ended up fostering other kittens and he “adopted” every one of them, grooming them and playing with them. It became clear that Bopsy thought all kittens were “his”.

I started to realize that I would be devastated if this giant, sweet boy was adopted into another home — so I filled out the paperwork and told him that he didn’t have to go to Petco any more! Bopsy turned 9 this past July 4 and his personality is still sweet and loving and snuggly — and all kittens are still “his”.  Almost every cat or kitten that comes into my condo ends up being Boppity’s BFF and a snuggle buddy.

I can’t imagine life without this fluffy boy!

-Kristi H

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