Happy Tails: Ellie (Jellybean)

After losing my beloved cat of 15 years, I was afraid I would never find another that I could love as much.  For 2 years my daughter sent me pictures of cats on Petfinder that she thought I might like.  Finally I was ready to see if I could find the cat I was looking for!  She showed me a picture of Ellie (then known as Jelly Bean) and read her description and I knew that I wanted to meet her.  One week ago, we welcomed this sweet girl into our home and she has very rapidly become completely comfortable here and settled into her routine.  She loves to play and snuggle up close.  Right now she is in the chair with me having a good grooming session!  She follows us around the house like a puppy and enjoys pets and scratches.  She loves looking out all the windows and finding new napping spots.  Our house is once again filled with kitty paraphernalia and kitty love!  Thank you so much to The Cat Network for taking such good care of Ellie until we found each other!
~ Lisa

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