Happy Tails: Muff

As an animal lover all my life, with cats being my favorite,  I agree you can’t have just one!  I already had an 8 year old domestic cat and a 2 year old papshund (long haired dachshund and papillon) dog.  I was wanting to add another cat, so here’s how we went about that.  My two daughters were discussing ear piercing one day; Shelby had hers done already and wanted her sister’s done because she just should.  Kayla didn’t want to have anything to do with ear piercing.  She was 13…ah, the teenage years. If it’s not her idea, then forget it.  So I said that if she got your ears pierced, then we would get a kitty.  Her mind changed quickly, so off we went to get ears pierced and then home to look online for a kitty.  We searched for hours for the perfect kitty.  The criteria was a girl, and she had to be little.  So, lo and behold, Muff popped up on the screen, and she was the one.

We then contacted Donna at The Cat Network and made arrangements to meet her and Muff at our house.  It was a great visit; Muff got along really well with our other cat, Cassie and our dog, Gremlin.  We filled out the paperwork and we were going to be new parents to a little girl kitty.  We were so excited.  We adopted Muff (aka Muffikins) on December 8, 2015.  She is everything we always wanted and more.  She  is a very petite little girl who loves spending her days eating and sleeping (and boy, she does those well).  For amusement, she likes sniffing her catnip, playing with her toy, and best of all, she loves staring at shadows on the wall.  We look at the wall and don’t see anything, but Muff definitely sees something.  When Kayla goes to bed, she rounds up Muff and off they go under the blankets.  She’s brought happiness to our household, and we love her so much.  A big thank you to The Cat Network and Donna for bringing Muffikins into our lives! Keep up the good work.

~ Rhonda A.


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