Happy Tails: WD Wheeler

WD Wheeler couldn’t be more perfectly named. Not only is he a beautiful and svelte trapeze artist who can perfectly balance himself between any two stationary or moving objects, but he is brilliantly adept at playing with his robotic mouse or ‘Smarty Cat’ and fearlessly exploring his new home. WD initially pretended not to know his name but made a mistake one morning and then this smart kitty knew the ‘jig was up’! He is ready for a snuggle with anyone, anytime for any duration.  Everyone needs a hug or two or ten. When he is not in his mistresses lap or that of a visitor, this snuggle-puss, likes to curl up for a nap in his recliner. Who could ask for a more perfect buddy to spend the entire day with than WD?

~Sallie T.


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