Happy Tails: Blackie (aka Mr. Man)

Mr. Man is a bundle of affection and purrs. He has a medical condition in addition to his FIV which makes his skin break out in itchy bumps, so he wears a shirt to discourage scratching. His hair has almost grown in from his bald spots where he scratched it off. He’s quite the ladies’ man and rules the house.

The basic rules of life for Mr. Man:
  1. The string will die.
  2. If my human figures out that I like pate this week, I will change my tastes next week and only eat cuts in gravy. I will make this switch after she buys me food for the week.
  3. Humans are the best pillows known to feline-kind.
  4. My human will accept my big, slobbery wet kisses. 😽 I will accept her back rubs in turn, for it is an honor to massage a cat.

~ Netanya M.

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