Happy Tails: Bonnie and Natalie

When we first contacted The Cat Network about adopting a pair of cats, we’d been hoping for a couple of furry little sweeties to keep us company in our otherwise empty nest and fill the void that had been left when the last of our kitties passed away last year.  At that time, we’d had NO idea of how many unfilled job openings there were in our household — but we were about to find out.

Bonnie and Natalie (otherwise known as “Miss Floof” and “Sis”) have shown us that there were a lot of supervisory positions being neglected around our place – but now we’re secure!  We now have qualified team members making sure that Dad is watching TV correctly, Mom is washing her hands for long enough in the bathroom (and that she doesn’t drown in the bathtub), and that no unapproved birds get close enough to our windows to do any damage to the house. Our new teammates always make sure to run ahead of us up the stairs to do important reconnaissance and make sure everything is safe wherever we’re going.

Most importantly, these lovely young ladies give us so much love and make us laugh all the time with their sweet, goofy little selves.  Our lives are so much brighter for having these little weirdos running around the house, and we’re thankful every day that they’ve become part of our family.

~Diane O.

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