Happy Tails: Lizzie

As someone starting grad school in a new city, I knew I wanted a companion to keep me company, especially due to COVID and that I would be working remotely for at least my first semester. This lead me down the path of endlessly looking at all of the adoptable cats on Petfinder, and mentally making plans to adopt all of them. I must have been on page 70 when I finally saw a picture of Lizzie for the first time and knew that she was perfect and I just fell in love with her. About a month and a half before I moved out to St. Louis I contact The Cat Network about her, because I could not wait any longer, and was so excited to meet her when I finally got to the city.

I adopted her back in August, and she has been loving life as an only cat so far. She loves taking long naps in the sun, especially on her cat tree or right next to me while I do my work. Lizzie loves having her own toys, especially her catnip cigar and a large scratcher only for her. Of course, her favorite toy is a crumpled piece of paper that she can “hunt” for endlessly. Within the first few hours of her adoption, she also found out about the wonders of taps, and now demands for them to be turned on for her. She has also become an amazing alarm clock since she has decided 6am is the best time to lick and make biscuits on my face. Her other favorite past time is laying across my laptop in the middle of Zoom calls! I’ve loved every minute of having Lizzie with me and plan to continue loving and spoiling her.

~ Aparna A.

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