Happy Tails: Lyra

My parents adopted a cat a couple of years ago from my friend who fosters for The Cat Network, so when I decided to add a furry friend to my household, I didn’t have to go far to find one – Lyra fit the bill. She likes to talk up a storm, especially when I get home from work and she wants to play. She does respect her elders and doesn’t talk back (unless I ask her a question). Her favorite toys are my shoelaces, which makes it challenging to get dressed in the morning, and the dreaded red laser dot. Over the last few weeks, she has been my alarm clock, waking me up at a reasonable hour, usually with kisses. She is also a little scientist and likes to occasionally test that gravity is still functioning by giving various objects a little nudge with her chin or puling on them with her paws every now and then. I did recently discover that she is only a meta-stable solid, as sometimes she acts like a liquid – especially when in a box or a sink. As a (currently) single guy, this beautiful girl keeps me from being lonely.

~Andrew F.



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