Happy Tails: Sammy

Nearly 5 years ago, we lost our first cat, Missy, to old age. During her 18 years, she made friends with everyone, even “non-cat” people. Since her loss, we’ve dreamed of having another black cat to keep our tortie, Allie, company. For the last 18 months, we’d been considering whether or not bringing another cat into our home of senior dogs & cat was the right move. We knew Allie would like feline companionship, but we also knew the energy of a kitten would change the dynamic and routine we’ve all grown accustomed to. I’d been following Cat Network’s Facebook page for a couple of years when I saw Sam this fall. Something about him spoke to me; my husband agreed that a young adult would be a great choice.

When I met Sam at Petco, after just 2 days there, he seemed well adjusted to that artificial, crazy environment. That was a great sign. Once we brought him home, his name changed to Sammy, and he explored our home with complete confidence. He was curious about every nook, cranny, and cabinet. He had a fierce appetite, and zoomed around our house for several hours the first days, leading me to wonder if he was really a cat because he slept 8 hours/day & explored the other 16. Over the first week, we learned he has no fear; he tried to eat the dog’ ‘treats while they were eating them, jumped on the counters with us in the room, and found any food or treats left unattended and drug them to a preferred location. Sammy continues to be super curious about the outside world, and I’m convinced he’s hatching a plan for escape. With that in mind, he’ll be getting his own screened-in catio this spring.

He plays with passion and intensity, jumping several feet in the air after teaser toys, and chasing pom pom balls until they roll under the furniture. Another favorite is an automatic toy that fortunately keeps him occupied for 20 minutes or more! He makes a mess of any fresh water bowl, splashing his paw in the water, spilling half of it on the floor. Sammy can be found sleeping in a variety of locations in the house, and laying in a variety of positions. We have Greyhounds, who are known for “roaching,” which is sleeping on their backs with legs sticking up in the air; Sammy can give any Greyhound a run for its money when it comes to roaching. We’re thrilled that he’s so comfortable with us in our home that he feels secure enough to lay belly-up and nap. He is persistently trying to win over Allie, who hisses and growls at him. From the very beginning, Sammy held his ground and would quietly talk to her while she protested his presence. Sammy is vocal, and can be heard talking to himself while he explores our basement in the wee hours of the morning, but he mostly talks to Allie. His persistence is paying off, as they ate just 2 feet apart this week, and they napped on opposite ends of our sofa.

We are thoroughly enjoying the energy Sammy has brought to our home. He enjoys cuddles, and gives a hard head bump to our chins when he wants pets. We had a contractor in our home today, and Sammy was right there, wondering what he was up to & wanting to make friends. Our morning routine now includes his company in the bathroom as we get ready for work. While we know every cat is an individual, and we could never “replace” our Missy kitty, Sammy has brought a playful, curious, outgoing spirit into our home. Every day we discuss Sammy’s antics and revel at his boisterous personality. This Christmas will be all the brighter with Sammy in our family.

~ Deanna B.

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